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This is a scratchpad. Don't try this at home

My first try “bricked” the VoCore, it seems I have a flash disc filesystem error that created a kernel panic

VoCore - Dock running PirateBox

Used for setting up

  • VoCore with Dock
  • Micro SDCard
  • USB Charger + Cable
  • Linux Notebook with wifi + ethernet port

VoCore is running barrier breaker.

PirateBox should be installed on ext-root system seed:

VoCore init start

PrePare SDCard

Format it using ext3

sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

Go Ahead with VoCore

  • Plug SDCard into the VoCore


cp /etc/config/network /etc/config/network.backup uci set network.wan=interface uci set network.wan.ifname=eth0.1 uci set network.wan.macaddr=$( uci get network.lan.macaddr ) uci set network.wan.proto=dhcp uci del network.lan.ifname uci commit

/etc/init.d/network reload

## connect ethernet cable to vocore

## Wait a minute and check if Internet works

 ping -c 1

## if ok

 opkg install
 opkg update

## Now we install the extendRoot package, only to have the basic functions

 opkg install extendRoot

## Some Modules fail to load, because there is an order problem in the package manager ## So load in manually

modprobe ext4

 modprobe sd_mod

opkg install kmod-mmc kmod-mmc-over-gpio

reflash via tftpd

set you ethernet port to

setup tftp service like

place openwrt file to tftpd folder, renamed “test.bin”

connect via serial to the vocore –>

Power it on

— on the serial session

Press x during uboot

 erase linux
 cp.linux 340004   (the 340004 was displayed during upload)

After this the default OpenWrt options are set –> and no default enabled wifi

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