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Day 4

The piratebox is booting correctly via netboot. I don't want to reflash the router often, because the NAND-Memory does not allow often rewrites and netbooting a new image is much faster. On the Overview Page I added the first working netboot config file. It does not provide any web-frontend or dhcpd. I used severall filesystem-driver for using the usb-storage. You can use ext2, vfat and ntfs. I don't know writing works on ntfs!

I don't want to do much “after installation” work, so I have to create a package, which is going to be installed on the package. I tried my laptop scripts first and recognized differences at severall points (in fact: I don't want to install bash and start-stop-daemon only want short arguments). BUT accessing via wlan (aftersome preconfiguration) and getting ip adress already worked! :-D

For a proper installation of the piratebox scripts, I need to build a package. OpenWRT provides this HowTo and some funny parts are not mentioned yet: How get my package on the menuconfig selection screen?? The answer is: place it to your ./package folder and make your package-config files (I've tried it with dnsmasq and it worked for me.)

*sigh* Making the package work correctly will take time.. but it is the best way, that someone trieng with rb411* routers too will get it to work easier. Making the packages as a modul and installing it.

Currently I have no idea for making the LEDs and speaker to work.

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