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Day 5

This wasn't a lucky day. Because of trouble with the Buffalo-Piratebox-version I pushed the development of the piratebox scripts. While testing, I recognized, that the packages I mentioned to built INTO the ramdisk version, are not built in.

So I decied to flash my RB411u now. After erasing the nand via bootloader-menu (Serial-Connection required), I started with the whole thing.

  1. You need to recompile the image without the ramdisk-option.
  2. then you need to bring this new Image to your boot-platform
  3. Launch a webserver. You can use the python simple-server, but you have to stay at the directory, where your images are
    python -m SimpleHTTPSever 80
  4. get you RB411U the correct IP
     ifconfig br-lan:0 netmask 
  5. start /sbin/wget2nand

Then it totally crashed with an out-of-memory error and I have no idea why. m(

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