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PirateBox on RB411U - Day seven

After a few weeks, I've started working on the RB411U again. Currently it is running with the droopy scripts. I had to to several configurations on my script package to get it run. I discovered that something is going wrong or… different if you do not use the default “br-lan” bridge. After adding the wlan0 interface to the bridge, everything works smoothly.

Lighttpd is not running like it runs on debian. I have to shrink down configuration down to a minimized setting :(

While creating the new imageboard-package I tried it on RB411U also. I made a few experiences with lighttpd I got lighttpd starting on the rb411u.

I underestimated the needed perl packages alot, so today a build in every perl package. I'm not very happy with that, but I don't want to try every single module out.

With the results of my last work on the RB411U and the imageboard, I have to change the config-files for building openwrt again. So not even finished yet.

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