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Piratebox on RouterBoard 411u

I was tired of using this big router boxes and before playing around with meshing, I decided to (hopfully) find a better plattform for the piratebox. Meshing without members makes no sense ;-)

Discuss about this project here.

I searched for

  • a bit smaller
  • more flash-space
  • more memory
  • all in one solution

and found: MikroTik is a professional Router-Solution-Vendor. Look at the wiki-page.

The bit negative on this solution is:

  • Price
  • difficult flashing
  • You have to find a local Vendor or you'll get in the MikroTik-Shop a $50 fee for ordering below $1000

Hardware I used:

On top of this, you should have a zero-model cable (connection to the COM-Port) and an usb→COM converter. You can use Putty for connection via terminal.

Other Hardware: My first favorite board was RB411UAHR, but it was not available on the german vendor. For this board, you need this 5V USB Power Injector, because it has no voltage for the USB Port, but a WIFI chip included.



  • Working netboot-config for current trunk. (Wifi and USB works) - Access via ssh to ; use fixed ip adress on client.

Other ideas

  • I think I will install forban on the piratebox on default. Enabling it via .conf file.
  • I think displaying possible services at the frontpage might be useful. (like IRC )
  • I think starting additional services by user (i.e. enable irc-server ) might useful, too.
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