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-====== UPnP MediaServer on OpenWRT PirateBox 1.0 ====== 
-The following HowTo describes HowTo setup and minidlna(([[http://​​doc/​uci/​minidlna|OpenWRT wiki Page]])) Server on your OpenWRT PirateBox. It is tested with current (2013-06-12) custom-image including the stable Attitude Adjustment release. //This is very useful for Apple clients!// 
-  * Login into your PirateBox and reconfigure your /​etc/​config/​network that you get internet access (like on the DIY HowTo) 
-  * Run the following command to enable DNS resolution 
-  /​etc/​init.d/​piratebox nodns 
-  * Next step initialize opkg and install it into the extended installation destination called "​piratebox"​. The ln stuff links over the important stuff 
-  opkg update 
-  opkg install minidlna -d ext 
-  ln -s  /​mnt/​ext/​etc/​config/​minidlna /​etc/​config/​ 
-  ln -s  /​mnt/​ext/​etc/​init.d/​minidlna /​etc/​init.d/​ 
-  ln -s /​mnt/​ext/​usr/​bin/​minidlna /​usr/​bin  ​ 
-    * Next step is to download and bring my preconfigured configuration in place. 
-    * **Important note** There is logfile, but as far as I considered it, there is no information about the connections. 
-    * It points to the Directory /​mnt/​usb/​PirateBox/​Shared 
-  cd /tmp 
-  wget http://​​openwrt.example.minidlna ​ 
-  cp openwrt.example.minidlna ​  /​mnt/​ext/​etc/​config/​minidlna 
-  * Edit the config if you want to... (ie. change displayed name) 
-  vi /​etc/​config/​minidlna 
-  * Start it now 
-  /​etc/​init.d/​minidlna start 
-You are done! Thank you David Darts for this idea!