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  • 2x Python-Scripts (see python_libs) started during init

1. Sending regurlar “Hello, I'm xy.piratebox.lan and my IP is 10.x.x.x )

2. Receiving Data:

  • Collecting “Hello”s from other (counting them)
  • Printing out collected informations in:
    • /opt/piratebox/conf/hosts_mesh in hosts format
    • /opt/piratebox/www/station_list.json (json format)
    • and decrease counter in internal list
  • CleanUp Entries with counter =< 0

Should be better implemented with Avahi

Wikipedia-Avahi Configuration:

Can be enhanced with scripts using DBUS and python: Python-Browse example & Python-Publish example

Server-Daemon possible??


OpenWRT package is available.

somehow it is possible to announce webservers, (reffering to ) … ??

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