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Implementation overwork

Because of different feedback I need to rework the current implementation of PirateBox' mesh feature.

The new implementation will span the mesh across the Wifi-Clients & wired connected systems.. the plan is to enable more flexible configurations.

IPv6 & IPv4 configuration

The normal IPv4 configuration stays untouched. The network client recieves its normal IPv4 IP address in 192.168.1.x range. The dnsmasq service always delivers to the requests, as long there is no different configuration in the hosts file. On each piratebox runs a radvd service delivering a static prefix like fd00:1111::/64 Each PirateBox will get a static interface name called fd00:1111::1/64 so the box, you are directly connected to, ca be statically accessed. Additional one per-box random 1) generated ipv6 suffix will be attached to the box. That box is reachable via ::1 and ::-random suffix-.


For enabling each box to be mesh ready, the piratebox-mesh package, including scripts, will be preinstalled but stay optional. If you enable the mesh-wifi mode, you the mesh interface will be included into br-lan of the default openwrt-config.



The normal hostname will be piratebox.lan , and additional a node specific prefix will be generated, like:



Service-Anouncements / Namelists


Other issues

On RPi P2P interface together with AP mode is not possible on usb wifi cards. .. driver issues. Scripts will be primary made for openwrt in the first place. IPv6 without node-specific-configuration should work in both cases.

not really random, it will take the suffix from the os generated fe80 ipv6 address will be used
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