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Nerd, PirateBox Fan & Developer. Playing P&P RPG Shadowrun & The Dark Eye - Loving Cyberpunk stuff.

I'm from Germany, Wiesbaden. I'm currently working as a Freelancer at bisQuITbox GmbH. My current PirateBox-Todo-list Todo-List backup

Remember printing, you might need one sometime:

My Hardware

At home, there is a 24h running MikroTik Router RB411U providing Piratebox 0.6, Mesh and Forban.

I'm using the following hardware for developing:

  • 3x TP-Link MR3020 (one additional without an USB Stick)
  • 1x TP-Link MR3040
  • 2x RaspberryPI (Model B.1 and Model B.2 (with more RAM) )
  • Asus eeePC 90x
  • BatteryPack goobay PowerBank Art. 42973 5.200mAh Article on Amazon
    • Runtime on my MR3020 running mesh and Forban with the batterypack was more then 8 hours.
  • “Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V” for direct access to routers hardware (SerialIC 2 USB) - works on RaspberryPI and some routers
  • ExSYS EX-1177 USB 2.0 HUB 7 Port with 4A PSU , so every Port can provide 500mA Article on Amazon

Next planned investments can you find it on my Amazon wishlist and my wish list.

Flattr me: Flattr this

My BitCoin-Address: 1CWYKqt7vV2rfDr7GVYENfzEuzBGWYtSpP

My PayPal account was closed because of receiving donations for PirateBox (Violation against their “rules).

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